Partnerships and Pre-Professional Programs at Lake Erie College | Painesville, OH

Enroll in a Partnership Program to Accelerate Your Career and Professional Growth

What is a Partnership Program?

Students looking for the right undergrad experience to prepare for a career as a physician assistant, nurse, veterinarian, lawyer or pharmacist can take advantage of Lake Erie College’s established partnerships with educational institutions in the region. These arrangements ease the process of choosing a graduate program and get students on the right track from day one of their educational journey. Most of the partnerships abbreviate the length of time of the core foundation coursework which also improves the financial investments for the student.

Explore Your Options

Lake Erie College partners with several regional educators to empower students on the journey to professional success. Whether you are just starting your plans for college or are a current undergrad exploring your next chapter, we are here to empower students at every phase of their college journey. Find the best educational opportunities to live out dreams and leave a mark on the world — at LEC and beyond. Choose from these programs to discover if one of our educational partners is the right fit for you!